Clatsop County: Circus Central

Not those kinds of circuses; the big ones like RBB&B and Cirque du Soleil don’t ever bother with a stop at the county fairgrounds, and even visits by smaller ones like Carson and Barnes are rare. But the nutters passed their feel-good measure banning “bullhooks”, whips, and other articles – although not really, since the measure only calls for a $500 fine if they are used to inflict “substantial physical pain” (whatever that is) upon an elephant or a primate or a feline.

In other words, it’s still perfectly legal for an elephant handler to carry and use an ankus to guide his charge, and it’s still perfectly legal for a “lion tamer” to crack his whip during the course of a performance. The measure is meaningless, but that’s the point: the whole idea behind it is to help the nutters feel as though they’re “making a difference”, “standing up for animals”, and generally feel good about themselves.

It’s just like the #bring back our girls campaign; totally bereft of any value, save as a means for the lazy and uninformed to stroke their egos while showing that “they care”.

Meanwhile, mayors in the south County towns of Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Gearhart (where the hell is Gearhart?) have sent a strongly-worded missive to the Daily Astorian, criticizing once again the operation of a port that isn’t in their respective towns – that being, of course, the Port of Astoria:

One would assume with the hundreds of thousands of dollars the taxpayers provide the Port of Astoria, along with lease payments, cruise ship and moorage fees, grants and loans from the state of Oregon, and other revenue, the Port would be able to fulfill its mission: provide economic development services throughout the county, maintain and improve their infrastructure and meet all financial obligations.

This appears not to be the case. From our perspective, the Port has been unable to do any of these things.

Apparently blissfully unaware of the state’s dismal track record when it comes to handling just about anything more challenging than accepting dinner invitations from lobbyists, they believe that the Port should be taken over, to one degree or another (the details are left to the imagination) by the state. The honorable mayors seem to believe that the Port of Astoria is in dire need of fundamental reorganization (and on that, they have a point) and that the state’s the perfect venue by which to accomplish that (see: Cover Oregon, CRC, highway 20).

In Clatsop County, there’s always an entertaining circus; it just rarely features animals or acrobats. There are, however, a good number of clowns.

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7 Responses to Clatsop County: Circus Central

  1. g says:

    I forgot to mention, when I was a commissioner, I used to travel all over the county to promote the port. I would host a meeting in the South county and would get maybe a dozen people show up. NOT ONCE did a mayor or city council person show up. NOT ONCE did a South County mayor or city council person show up for a port meeting (which are held monthly). So I feel it is nothing more than 3 South County whiners echoing the Daily A. Pathetic and disingenuous.

  2. g says:

    I’m not impressed with mayors who know jack sh*t about the port chime in about the port.
    They should have called me first 😀

    • maxredlines says:

      Ha ha! I wonder what got them so buzzed. I’m guessing their letter was all put together by email and they never actually got together to hash out whatever it is that they suddenly think is so critical. I’d be surprised if they even talked with the commissioners.

      If I recall correctly, the Chinese are trying to take over the log-loading business there – which I can’t see the commission getting into. There’s also been some sort of kerfluffle over expansion of a fish processing plant on one of the piers – which I’d imagine the commission would be very much involved in.

      • g says:

        The main problem they have had for the past 6 years is micro managing and immature port commissioners who are more concerned about their ego’s than the port. That hasn’t really changed yet and until it does, you will be reading more similar stories. What cracks me up is the Daily A has actually backed most of these characters who are causing (and have caused) the problems.

        The Chinese have their fingers into Westerlund Log operation and are in a fight. Not sure where that’s going yet. The fish processing thing has me perplexed. I’m not close enough to know what’s really happening. I’m guessing the port director is either being micromanaged and is not being allowed to do his job OR he is not up to the task of negotiation. Daily A is pretending it knows. The sheeple buy it and the mayors gotta do something about it. Laughable.

        I”m a huge supporter of the port and it bothers me to no end when dumbasses get elected or appointed to do the business of the people.

      • maxredlines says:

        Micro managing is a huge problem at all levels of government today, g. They don’t get that they can’t micro manage what they don’t know anything about, nor that the approach is almost always ineffective.

        Yeah, Westerlund (I couldn’t remember the name of the outfit, but knew they’re in a big litigation thing with the Chinese). I can’t see any reason for the Port to be involved in that, though. Now, on the fish processing thing – that makes a lot more sense for the Port’s involvement, but the stupid thing is that it’s in everyone’s best interest to facilitate the expansion. So I don’t get where the problem is.

        The mayor’s got no business there; it’s clearly a Port issue, and one that would likely benefit all if the bedwetters would get out of the way. OTOH, you know way more about that stuff than me; I’m in Portland.

  3. g says:

    I actually commented on the letter to the editor that was signed by the 3 South County mayors.
    Bizzaro. South County needs to focus on their own budgets and quit worrying about their $15 yearly tax bill. That whole thing is absurd. Seriously makes me wonder about the intellectual capacity of these people.

    • maxredlines says:

      Hmm. I should perhaps read the comments. In any case, you may have noticed that I was somewhat less than sympathetic to their cause. Are there issues at the Port there? Certainly, judging from the litigation. Could they use some restructuring? Possibly – but then, the same could be said of every Port. Is the state likely to be able to “fix the problems”? Look at their track record on everything else.

      I was less than impressed with their argument. But then, given the great interest that voters there demonstrate in meaningless measures, there will likely be ski resorts opening in Satan’s domain before I find myself in agreement with much of what comes out of Clatsop County.

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