Merkley And Monica

Despite the endorsements of Jason Conger by The Oregonian, the Statesman-Journal, and Willamette Week, Democratics don’t fear him. No, they’re deathly afraid of pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby, as evidenced by the smear campaign they launched against her last Friday. And yet these are the very folks who claim that Republicans are waging a “War on Women“. Imagine that.

PORTLAND — A researcher for the Oregon Democratic Party was the first person to request a police report that accused GOP senatorial candidate Monica Wehby of stalking her ex-boyfriend.

The report, first publicized on Friday by Politico, started a firestorm of controversy about the candidate just days before the May 20 primary election.

Those accusations were compounded on Monday when reports began to surface in Oregon news outlets that Wehby had instigated a physical confrontation with her ex-husband as their marriage crumbled. A police report from that altercation indicated that Wehby’s former ex-husband, Jim Grant, sported a “slight red dot” after being reportedly struck with a pad of paper.

Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley is running from it all as fast as he can:

On Friday, Senator Jeff. Merkley, a Democrat, said he was unaware of the police report when it surfaced in the news media.

“I had never hear this information until I heard it on the news,” Merkley said while attending a Lines for Life event in Portland.

“This is an issue of private family life,” Merkley said. “I can say that issues of family life are best left in the private family.”

That’s actually the best thing he can say, under the circumstances. After all, Jeff and his fellow Democratics claim to be the guardians, protecting the fragile femininity of today’s modern woman from the evil Republicans who are bent on waging war against them. Unless of course, it’s the wrong kind of woman, as the Oregon Democrat Party has so clearly illustrated.


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  1. Sam L. says:

    I saw that in a dispenser, figured it would be a DDT (demo dirty trick).

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