Getting Cereal At Cover Oregon

Oh my. The FBI has subpoenaed records from Run For Cover, Oregon! and the Oregon Health Authority as part of a criminal investigation. Why, this isn’t a mere inquiry any longer. It’s a good thing that governor Retread, one of the top health experts in the country, didn’t know anything about the problems until the end of last October! Heck, if he’d known anything about them, his bid for reelection to govern a state he’s called “ungovernable” might be in jeopardy. No more free taxpayer-paid trips to Bhutan for him and his First Squeeze to “study” their “happiness index”. That would be terrible.

Things were bad enough, as about half of Oregon voters polled earlier this month opposed reelecting him. Now this. Oh, but troubles come in threes. So what’s coming next?

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experience: biology, zoology, psychology. authored/co-authored papers appearing in peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as numerous professional proceedings. authored articles appearing in computer-oriented publications. featured in publications ranging from books to New Yorker magazine to television.
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2 Responses to Getting Cereal At Cover Oregon

  1. ZZMIke says:

    We could call the Gov’s defense “The Obama Strategy”: “I didn’t know about that, and I am mightily disappointed, and I’ll see that something is done about it”. Sometime soon. Or not.

    • maxredlines says:

      The gov here’s already rolled something like five heads (although one of them is still getting $14,250 a month – he just doesn’t have any actual responsibilities at present).

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