Running Scared In India

Although at times it seems as though they’re running amok around the globe, there’s at least one country in which the Pieceful Muslims are downright terrifiedNarendra Modi is a Hindu, and will likely become the next Prime Minister of India.

If there’s one thing that Muslims understand, it’s terrorism and mutilation – and in 2002, Hindus demonstrated that they’re capable of levels of brutality that cow even the most ardent of Muslim fundamentalists.

In 2002, Hindus were preparing to dedicate a new temple to Ram at the site, when a fight broke out between Hindu activists and Muslims at a train station. During the ensuing riot, a fire later deemed accidental engulfed a train filled with activists, and 59 Hindus burned to death, including women and children. Hindu nationalists believed the burning of the train was a deliberate atrocity, and they took vengeance on the entire Muslim population. Well-organized Hindu mobs slaughtered some 800 people, burned thousands of homes, and destroyed more than 300 mosques. Women were raped and then skewered; even babies were doused with gas and burned alive. In the aftermath, some 150,000 Muslims fled Gujarat.

And at the time, Modi was in charge of the province. The Muslims are nervous. Likely with good reason. While historically very good at barbarism, the Hindus have demonstrated that they can match them – and even outdo them – in that department.


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4 Responses to Running Scared In India

  1. ZZMIke says:

    PS: Modi got in – by a landslide. He invited the Pakistani prime minister – if he comes, that will be a first.

    Here’s the Pakistan new source, DAWN:

    Other news has it that India is worried about China gaining influence in Pakistan.

    • maxredlines says:

      Yep, he won big. Supposedly, he’s “extending an olive branch” to Muslims. Which kinda explains the invite to Paki.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Being in the vast majority helps al lot.

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